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Competition for online presence continues to grow daily. Our Edmonton Web Design team will help you gain an edge.

Are you still waiting to complete a professionally built website for your company?  If so, then your competitors are tapping into your potential clients. Our Web Design and Web Development services will grow your brand. Therefore, you will reach out to more prospects and reach more clients. We’re a full-service Edmonton website design company.  In short, we are ready to give your business the online presence it deserves. We can do this through custom website creation.
Having helped many brands grow their businesses, we’ve learned what it takes to create the ideal website for your company. We are a trusted Edmonton website builder. As such, we will ensure that your brand’s core mission and dedication will always reflect on your site.

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At Chris Bernard Photography, we know that there is more to developing websites than mere manipulation of themes. You can trust that our web designers will factor in your business goals and your target audience. Our web developer will then complete your responsive website. As well, will as, ensuring it’s user-friendly and easy-to-navigate. We’ll also make sure it’s SEO-ready. We stand out as one of the leading Edmonton website builders.

Responsive and SEO-ready Websites


With vast experience in designing websites, our expertise spans across all WordPress websites.  These include e-Commerce stores, IT/Support websites, custom apps, and converting websites to apps. We’re the spark that will ignite your business goals.  Our full-service team will handle your project from beginning to end, including domain and hosting research and acquisition, Search Engine Optimization services, Speed optimizing, and more.
User experience matters. That said, we make your website very user-friendly to enjoy better conversions with little or no bounce rates.  We’re not just the regular Edmonton website design company, we stand out with our designs, and our long list of satisfied clients speaks for us. Get in touch now!


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We also design websites!  In short, we are ready to give your business the online presence it deserves. We will do just that with your website project.


Our web design layouts look and function beautifully on desktop AND mobile devices!


Our speed optimization service will ensure viewer retention while allowing for a higher Google ranking!

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