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Real World feedback of our Commercial Photography in Edmonton

Our clients thoughts

This time our client was a lighting manufacturer based in Milwaukee. They had a range of new products that were ready for launch. The company needed to make a big first impression for their target market, which was perfect. It is one of the first things we always strive to deliver, visual impact.

Project Review

It looks like we also made a good impression on our partner since they left a five-star review for us on Clutch.
This is excellent news for us because it’s one step closer to becoming a leading company in the Canadian marketing industry. But it also demonstrates that we see and fill an important gap in the current advertising landscape.

Pieces To The Puzzle

After working as a Commercial Photographer in Edmonton for over 15 years now, the similarities from project to project have become clear. Not specifics between them, but instead general concepts that usually remain the same. Such as, timelines, budget constraints and sometimes last minute changes.  Sometimes these are factors in delivering a project successfully. In the end problem solving and open communication are what we’ve found to be key in doing this work. The Photography is simply the last piece to the puzzle that falls into place afterwards.

It’s always nice to hear that our clients are happy and well taken care of!

LED JW Speaker tail lights on Jeep

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