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We build dramatic & tailer-made Edmonton Video Production.

Our Videographers have a background in most types of Edmonton Video Production. As a result, we have learned to tell your stories engagingly. Also, we need to use modern, unique equipment. Often, these tools are not widely available. With these tools, we will deliver clean and marketable Commercial Videos. Ultimately, this allows our clients to stand out in any market.

The need for high-quality video is growing. Therefore, we service all types of business and commercial projects. We get it. Yes, we all have a story to tell. And so, we are proud to stand out as a leader in Edmonton. Our company proudly serves Alberta with video production services that get noticed. We need to use modern techniques. Also, we rely on modern equipment. With these, we can deliver 4K+, slow motion, and time-lapse videos. Likewise, our in house drone pilot is skilled shooting aerial video. In brief, we will safely create buttery smooth sequences. Ultimately, this will help tell your story.  It will do so in a unique and eye-catching way!
These things allow us to be creative in telling your story.  Moreover, this translates to viewer interest, which translates to inquiries for your company. With that in mind, your return on investment will be simple and long term. Moreover, it will be useful.

Types of Video Production that we do in Edmonton

At Chris Bernard Photography, we offer a wide range of commercial video practice.  Our mission? It’s clear, cater to the needs of our clients. Yes, we love to be challenged. Above all, when it comes to creating!  Rest assured, we’ll go the extra mile to tell your story, regardless of project type!
Social media marketing is popular. Likewise, our social media commercial videography is the most popular video that we produce. However, it’s not all we do.
 We have a full range of experience with video. We have worked for many clients. Some include walk-through videos, which bring clients to showrooms, homes, and commercial spaces. Also, we have worked for industrial sectors creating safety, promo, and training videos. Also, we craft recruit videos. We also help sell food and experiences, namely, in the tourism and hospitality sector. Product launches and promotion is also something we have successfully created. Now more than ever, video is viral.
We love to create. With that in mind, let us tell your story!

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