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Visual competition is high, Edmonton Video Animation will help. 

Videos get noticed. Therefore, we’re happy to deliver Video Animation content to our clients in Edmonton. Animated Videos will give you an edge on competitors. Simply put, they will interestingly tell your message and allow you to capture valuable client attention. They are one of the most potent tools to influence potential clients. Consider this. According to Obelo, video animation and video marketing content get 66% more qualified leads per year! Also, according to Wordstream, 92% of video viewers share it with others.

Ultimately, every video will be more effective in converting viewers into customers. How? Quality animation videos get noticed. They are unique. More importantly, they have more impact than written content. Because of this, they grab the attention of viewers in a stiff market. Leveraging this, we will quickly send a strong message that will support your brand.

We are a reliable Edmonton video animation company. Rest assured, Chris Bernard Photography is here to help you. As well, we bring a wealth of experience creating animated videos for different industries and brands. Trust us, we will create something unique for you. In the end, our work will tell your story and uniquely sell your brand!


Animated Video Production

Don’t just jump into a project. We will take the time to work closely with you. In short, this will ensure your video goals and project needs are always met.
 Being a leader in video animation marketing in Edmonton, our work will make messages shine. Also, animation engages viewers and builds connections. Let us work our marketing magic and elevate your image. Get noticed, let’s create an animated video just for you.

Unique content will promote your brand. We produce marketing content that pops. After all, we go beyond animated characters and voice-over. We also consider budget, length, audience, and message. Most importantly, we will correctly portray your companies brand. Your animated video will be engaging. Above all, it will become a useful marketing tool that you will be able to use again and again.


Animation types

We offer many different forms of video animation content. These include short video ads and whiteboard animation. Likewise, we produce explainer animation videos to clients in Edmonton. Also, our illustrators craft slideshows, promo videos, and intros.

Do you have an video Animation project in Edmonton? Let’s Talk, we’d love to hear from you.


Typography Videos

Typography Videos are a simple and effective way to share your message.

Mock Up Videos

Roll out your website or application visually and tactfully with a mock up video.

Whiteboard Videos

Whiteboard Animation videos are a simple and effective way to promote your message.

Cartoon Videos

Explainer Videos made simple with custom cartoon animation!

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