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Luciana – Dance

Luciana – a dance shoot

is the apt exclamation that best describes Luciana, the electrifying belly dancer.  We love to work with dancers and Chris and I always seem to be able to distinguish them from other clients for some reason.  They always seems to have ‘soft hands‘ and create flattering lines and are always a pleasure to work with.   We have worked with dance clients most commonly in ballet and hip hop, although we thoroughly enjoyed the entire photo session shooting a ‘belly dancer’ .  It was a one of a kind experience and we were up for it.  The images we were producing for Luciana were to be used for promotional content for her as a professional dancer,  so we wanted to make sure we were going after the same details that she was looking for.  We first had to understand her specific requirements that she was after in her images.  Afterwards we devised a mental shoot-list and we got to work.

One of our goals was to try and capture the essence of flowing movement from her dance in our still images.  She was able to create graceful yet striking lines and we were there to capture them all.Luciana’s beautiful photogenic look and flawless body was complimented by these amazingly detailed,  handmade, one-of-a-kind costumes and silk scarves that she had brought.  We were shocked to realize how heavy they were adorned with thousands of hand-sewn beads on them, yet she moved with them as if they were feather-light.  It was like icing on the cake and her exotic beautiful look and her long silky hair was an added advantage which made the entire photography session with Luciana a totally mind blowing one.  Her stunning hair styling and makeup was done by Lily who helped make our photography session with Luciana a truly remarkable one. Thanks Lily for your tiring effort which made our work even more easy !!

From the point of view of a Creative Director, this shoot was very special because of just how creative and artistic it was.  It’s always rewarding to be given the opportunity to promote another artist and to be able to show the world their talent by doing the work that we do.

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Melissa – Fitness

Melissa – Fitness

Chris and I were lucky enough to have worked with Melissa once before during a previous session.  She loved it so much, she came back to do some fitness photography  and she absolutely blew us away! Melissa is so incredibly fit (maybe even fitter than last time?) and so focused on her goal setting we were happy to work with her again for this project to promote her personal training business. I have to give Melissa credit, it seems like I can’t commit to getting to the gym for more than 2 months at a time. We love seeing returning clients, it’s nice to catch up and work with them once again. One thing is for certain, I am jealous of her rock hard abs!

Although Melissa may look focused and intense in her images, as she says she also is in her training, she is one of the nicest people we have met I assure you. … during the shoot we burst out laughing because she was trying to flex while looking natural and Chris was taking his time dialing in the lighting…lol. Between laughing and having Ella , her makeup artist, spraying on fake sweat and more laughing somehow we got the job done. Everyone worked hard if you could call having this much fun ‘work’.

I have been following Ella’s work as a Make Up Artist for years, admiring her talent. When we found out we would be working with her for Melissa’s shoot we jumped at the opportunity! She is such a nice person. She’s a lot like us in that she’s so quiet, focused and detail oriented. She actually brought her own mixture of water and glycerin to use as fake sweat! Now that’s diligence! We have always just used water in the past but she said her unique mixture would last longer and look more real in camera. … and she was right! She did a fantastic job and we can’t wait to work with her again.

Being fit and healthy seems to be more and more popular these days. It’s important for our health, our mind and our energy level. It can be difficult to get started or keep going however. It’s great to see Melissa inspiring women and training them to become healthier and it’s illuminating to see her, and others take the time to do a photo-shoot to celebrate their results.

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Lexi – Children

Lexi – Children

I enjoy my job being a Photographer so much!  We really love what we do when we get to spend time visiting with kids who are on their best behavior and running around in party clothes. It’s a great life. We spent some studio time with little Lexi – aged 3.

Lexi came to us accompanied by her mom and grandma and ready to take charge of our studio. She presented herself as an inquisitive and bright little girl as soon as I opened the door to let her and her family in the door. The first words out of her mouth were to ask me, “Where is the camera man?” What a smart little girl! Mom and grandma had obviously spent some time preparing her for the experience of having a photo session.

Lexi spent a few minutes getting comfortable with us while exploring our studio and initially opted to stick close to her mom. Once she had seen everything of interest, her mom partially hid behind a wall partition, and despite her attachment to her mom, she did a phenomenal job listening to my direction as I guided her through the shoot. While I give easy-to-follow directions, like “Hug your knee…now touch your cheek to your knee…and turn this way and look up”, the directions are still not easy for people to act on while looking natural. Lexi, however, did a great job. She was super cute.

Lexi’s mom and grandmother did a fabulous job of bringing several complete outfits for her to change into throughout the shoot. Her mom also brought some really fun and beautiful props that really took the whimsical nature of her finished photos to another level. I’m in love with the photos that have Lexi in her pink angel wings! I think because Lexi’s demeanor is so angelic and her face is so expressive, she already reminds me of an angel – with the addition of the wings, it’s undeniable. The balloons and GIANT lollipop were also a hit with her. Props like toys, dolls, or other ‘found’ objects really help kids relax and look more natural in front of the camera. I have to say that I also love the contrast between the blue outfits and the pink wings and balloons throughout the photos. While putting little girls in blue isn’t anything new, I think the colour gives a really fresh look to Lexi’s complexion and eye colour. This was definitely one of our most adorable shoots.


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