Commercial Photography- male model

Trevor – Commercial Model

Trevor – Commercial Model

We LOVE to shoot commercial work. Whether it’s Video Commercial Ads or Commercial Photography, we really enjoy it.  We were approached by an agency in Calgary to work with Trevor to produce some commercial images with him here in our Edmonton studio.  We knew he was an experienced model but I have to say that he was not only a proficient and professional model, he was also a very personable and a remarkably fun guy to work with.

Along with Trevor, we where also fortunate to work with wardrobe stylist Teaghan Whyte.  Working with a stylist is always a huge help for any project.  It really allows Kimber,  as creative director and me as Photographer, to focus on our tasks at hand like lighting, posing and props and engaging the model. Teaghan took care of wardrobe, (which was provided by Simons), wardrobe styling and anything related to having his wardrobe look immaculate with the use of pins, clips, lint brush, and steamer. that she had all brought with her.   When every professional on a project has their own specific area of expertise to work on and everyone is so focused on that task to make it as good as they can possibly make it, the outcome is a high energy shoot and the results are incredible.  This is why we like commercial work so much, it’s extremely rewarding.  It’s so nice to see everyone committed to the shoot because everyone has some skin in the game.  Ok …. maybe Trevor had more “skin” than us. lol

Back to Trevor,  the first thing we realized about this guy was just how solid he was.  You’re a wall Trevor! lol  I’m 5’11” and I felt as if I was Kimber’s size by you. lol  Having said that, he was also very able to move and pose naturally.  Bodybuilders or models with bigger builds often move stiff and unnatural which can be more difficult to fix in camera, not the case with Trevor though.  …um..except for when his pants where super tight and we were making him sit on the floor and move awkwardly haha.  We all had a few laughs.  He was very easy to work with and more importantly he was self aware of how he looked in camera and usually fixed himself before I could even say anything.  I really respect a model who takes their work seriously and is committed to getting “that shot”  I also really admire his commitment to body building.  Trevor is pretty motivational, I often follow his video blog on his Google + page and he has motivated me to get to the gym more than once when I didn’t think I could that day.

This shoot lasted about 4 hrs which is typical for a Commercial Photography shoot for us.  Thanks to [stylist] we were able to show a variety of looks from Euro to Casual and Grunge and I think he sold them all.  I’ll let you be the judge.  Have a look into the shoot and let us know what you think.

Model: Trevor Kouritzin
Wardrobe Stylist: Teaghan Whyte
Wardrobe:  Simons

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