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Melissa – Fitness

Melissa – Fitness

Chris and I were lucky enough to have worked with Melissa once before during a previous session.  She loved it so much, she came back to do some fitness photography  and she absolutely blew us away! Melissa is so incredibly fit (maybe even fitter than last time?) and so focused on her goal setting we were happy to work with her again for this project to promote her personal training business. I have to give Melissa credit, it seems like I can’t commit to getting to the gym for more than 2 months at a time. We love seeing returning clients, it’s nice to catch up and work with them once again. One thing is for certain, I am jealous of her rock hard abs!

Although Melissa may look focused and intense in her images, as she says she also is in her training, she is one of the nicest people we have met I assure you. … during the shoot we burst out laughing because she was trying to flex while looking natural and Chris was taking his time dialing in the lighting…lol. Between laughing and having Ella , her makeup artist, spraying on fake sweat and more laughing somehow we got the job done. Everyone worked hard if you could call having this much fun ‘work’.

I have been following Ella’s work as a Make Up Artist for years, admiring her talent. When we found out we would be working with her for Melissa’s shoot we jumped at the opportunity! She is such a nice person. She’s a lot like us in that she’s so quiet, focused and detail oriented. She actually brought her own mixture of water and glycerin to use as fake sweat! Now that’s diligence! We have always just used water in the past but she said her unique mixture would last longer and look more real in camera. … and she was right! She did a fantastic job and we can’t wait to work with her again.

Being fit and healthy seems to be more and more popular these days. It’s important for our health, our mind and our energy level. It can be difficult to get started or keep going however. It’s great to see Melissa inspiring women and training them to become healthier and it’s illuminating to see her, and others take the time to do a photo-shoot to celebrate their results.

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