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Luciana – Dance

Luciana – a dance shoot

is the apt exclamation that best describes Luciana, the electrifying belly dancer.  We love to work with dancers and Chris and I always seem to be able to distinguish them from other clients for some reason.  They always seems to have ‘soft hands‘ and create flattering lines and are always a pleasure to work with.   We have worked with dance clients most commonly in ballet and hip hop, although we thoroughly enjoyed the entire photo session shooting a ‘belly dancer’ .  It was a one of a kind experience and we were up for it.  The images we were producing for Luciana were to be used for promotional content for her as a professional dancer,  so we wanted to make sure we were going after the same details that she was looking for.  We first had to understand her specific requirements that she was after in her images.  Afterwards we devised a mental shoot-list and we got to work.

One of our goals was to try and capture the essence of flowing movement from her dance in our still images.  She was able to create graceful yet striking lines and we were there to capture them all.Luciana’s beautiful photogenic look and flawless body was complimented by these amazingly detailed,  handmade, one-of-a-kind costumes and silk scarves that she had brought.  We were shocked to realize how heavy they were adorned with thousands of hand-sewn beads on them, yet she moved with them as if they were feather-light.  It was like icing on the cake and her exotic beautiful look and her long silky hair was an added advantage which made the entire photography session with Luciana a totally mind blowing one.  Her stunning hair styling and makeup was done by Lily who helped make our photography session with Luciana a truly remarkable one. Thanks Lily for your tiring effort which made our work even more easy !!

From the point of view of a Creative Director, this shoot was very special because of just how creative and artistic it was.  It’s always rewarding to be given the opportunity to promote another artist and to be able to show the world their talent by doing the work that we do.

HMUA   Lily Le Ly Makeup

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