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Edmonton Commercial Photographer

     I have been an Edmonton Commercial Photographer for years. As well, I am a member of the (PPOC). We have worked with many clients. As a result, we have gained experience in many types of marketing. These include, food, auto, real estate and more. Pictures create strong first impressions. How do they do this? For instance, they add value to your products. Images strengthen your brand and your online presence as well. They can also create interest which could lead to business growth. Often, they can make the difference between converting a potential client, or losing them.

    Commercial Photography is unique. Because of this, there are many factors considered when starting a new project. Therefore, we quote, plan, and deliver every project differently.  Images will be tailored to meet your needs. Marketing content requirements vary from project to project, business sizes, and marketing budgets are considered when completing any commercial project. Because of this, our goal is simple. We will exceed every project on or under budget.

  Why us? Above all, we will bring knowledge, competence, and value to any job. As a result, your project will shine! If you are looking for a Commercial Photographer in Edmonton, we’d love to hear from you.

Detailed Quotes for Your Photo Shoots

Given the variety of budgets, requirements, and logistics associated with a particular shoot, Chris Bernard Photography is happy to provide clients with a detailed quote after discussing their needs. Contact Chris for an initial quote on your next project – you’ll get a response within 24 hours.

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