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When tech fails, make sure you do not.

It’s fun to share the work that we produce from our Photography and our Video Production every week on our blog.  To get the job done effectively and consistently, we always try to use the best gear in our industry.  On occasion however, despite best efforts, things will go wrong any time technology is involved.  It’s not always glamorous.

I have to say, lately we have had bad luck with system failures.  Last week our modem failed shutting down our Local Access Network.  This week our second Mac Book Pro failure in as many months.  We always have multiple back ups in place, including our laptops, for this very reason.

It’s these two Mac Book Pro failures that I’d like to speak about.

Mac Book Pro logicboard

The first laptop failed in February this year.  As usual when these things happen, work-flow is good, then black screen and sudden failure.  In this case it was a failed logic-board (of course) one of the most expensive fixes. Bill to fix problem = $705.05
Two days ago with another one of our Mac Book Pro’s, work-flow was fine, then black screen. Sudden death for Laptop #2.
Again, logic-board failure.

This time however, Apple brought to our attention a VST Quality Program(E1) that covers all cost for this repair because of an ongoing issue that some 2011 Mac Book Pros had.  After processing a refund request, Apple also refunded our prior repair as well.

It was luck that we found out about this because it’s not public knowledge. We only were made aware because I found the right Apple Genius and insisted he look into it. If any of you out there experience this same issue with your 2011 Mac Book Pro, it’s worth inquiring about this VST Program because it saved us $1400.


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